Industrial Heat Pumps


Hybrid heat pump at slaughterhouse

At a site of the Norwegian slaughterhouse firm Nortura, a hybrid heat pump with 650 kW of power was installed in 2007. The hybrid heat pump is used to heat water to a temperature of 83 °C. This water is used for cleaning purposes. Heat is extracted from a refrigeration system. Installation of the hybrid heat pump resulted in an annual energy saving of 500.000 liters of fuel oil.

Hybrid_heat_pump_NorturaA hybrid heat pump uses the principles of operation of both a mechanical and an absorption heat pump. Temperatures as high as 130 °C can be reached with relatively low system pressure. Therefore, standard components can be used. The hybrid heat pomp technology has been developed by the Norwegian IFE (Institute for Energy Technology). In 2004 the company 'Hybrid Energy AS' was founded to further develop, design, build and sell hybrid heat pumps. The first hybrid heat pump processed by Hybrid Energy AS was installed at Nortura.

Principle of operation:
The installation uses both water and ammonia. The source of waste heat has a temperature of 49 °C which is upgraded by the hybrid heat pump to 88 - 90 °C. It is used to heat water for cleaning and sterilization to a temperature of 83 °C. The installation has a COP of 5,2. Annual energy savings of 13.700 GJ or 500.000 liter of fuel oil are realized.

Source:Hybrid Energy SA

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