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Add on heat pump in the food industry

At a leading company in the food industry a heat pump is installed 'on top of' an existing refrigeration system. This construction is called an add on heat pump. It is a mechanical heat pump that uses the refrigerant of an existing refrigeration system, in this case Ammonia. With the use of an add on heat pump the pressure of the gaseous Ammonia is increased. This causes the refrigerant to condensate at a higher temperature. In this case the add on heat pump is used to heat a water circuit up to 65 °C. Application of a heat pump enables several processes to benefit from the waste heat of the refrigeration system. Therefore energy savings can be realized as well as a reduction in CO2 emission.

In this project a COP (coefficient of performance) of 5 is realized, or: every kW that is used by the compressor delivers 5 kW of useful heat. An additional advantage of the add-on heat pump is that the load of the existing condenser is reduced.

Warmtepomp margarinefabriekThe installation has the following specifications:

De Energy Enhancer add-on heat pump is a GEA Grenco innovation. They won the NVKL cooling award 2012 with this innovation. The system is especially designed to be integrated in existing cooling or refrigeration systems with Ammonia as a refrigerant. At this moment the condensation temperature can be increased to a maximum of 90 °C with the use of a heat pump. Through a heat exchanger this energy is delivered to the medium that requires it.

Source: GEA Grenco

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