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Add on heat pump at Sportiom

At sports center Sportiom, an add on heat pump has been installed. The add on heat pump is used to upgrade the heat that is rejected from of an ice rink in order to keep the ice surface intact. The heat is transported towards a swimming pool. The installation of the add on heat pump was made possible because of a collaboration between authorities, Sportiom and GEA Grenco (installer of heat pumps). The heat pump, installed June 2012, enables the use of waste heat from the ice rink by increasing the pressure of the refrigerant in its refrigeration system. As a result more energy is available at the condenser of the refrigeration system which can be used in the heating system of the swimming pool.

Add-on heat pump Sportiom, previous situation:

Previous situation

Before installation of the add-on heat pump, heat for the swimming pool was supplied by a combined heat and power system (CHP). Electricity was used by lighting and the refrigeration installation at Sportiom. Furthermore, heat is supplied for the heating system of the swimming pool. Two CHP installations were installed. If their capacity was insufficient, two gas boilers could serve as back up. To create an ice rink, heat should be extracted out of the ice. In the previous situation this was done by an electric refrigeration system. The extracted heat was exhausted and thus lost.

Add-on heat pump Sportiom new situation:

New situation

In June 2012 a heat pump is installed on top of a refrigeration system, schematically shown on the right. Waste heat from the refrigeration system of the ice rink is upgraded from 25 to 71 °C. This energy is used to preheat the water of the heating system of the swimming pool to 71 °C. The waste heat from the refrigeration system can thus usefully be reused. With the application of a heat pump an efficiency of app. 560 % can be obtained, whereas a conventional gas boiler has a maximum efficiency of 100%.

Engine room Sportiom


The add-on heat pump at Sportiom has the following specifications:

  • Heat capacity: 590 kW at 71 °C water
  • Heating COP: 5,6
  • Energy savings: ca. € 100.000,-
  • Reduction in CO2 emission: 500.000 kg/y
  • Pay back time: ca. 4 years

Source: GEA Grenco

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