Industrial Heat Pumps


Heat pumps in practice

Heat pump on a french fries dryer heat pump on a french fries dryer

A manufacturer of French fries installed a heat pump that will provide the heat for a French fries dryer. A belt dryer that operates at a temperature of 70 °C is using its own waste heat due to the use of a heat pump. This innovative heat pump application was invented by De Kleijn Energy Consulting and will be the first of its kind installed in practice. As a result energy savings as high as 70 % are realized on the energy consumption of the dryer. Read more

Add on heat pump in the food industryadd on heat pump food industry

At a leading company in the food industry a heat pump is installed 'on top of' an existing refrigeration system. This construction is called an add on heat pump. It is a mechanical heat pump that uses the refrigerant of an existing refrigeration system, in this case Ammonia. With the use of an add on heat pump the pressure of the gaseous Ammonia is increased. This causes the refrigerant to condensate at a higher temperature. In this case the add on heat pump is used to heat a water circuit up to 65 °C. Application of a heat pump enables several processes to benefit from the waste heat of the refrigeration system. Read more

Hybrid heat pump at slaughterhousehybrid heat pump at slaughterhouse

At a site of the Norwegian slaughterhouse firm Nortura, a hybrid heat pump with 650 kW of power was installed in 2007. The hybrid heat pump is used to heat water to a temperature of 83 °C. This water is used for cleaning purposes. Heat is extracted out of a refrigeration installation. Installation of the hybrid heat pump resulted in an annual energy saving of 500.000 liters of oil fuel. Read more

Add on heat pump for Sportiomadd on heat pump Sportiom

At sports center Sportiom, an add on heat pump has been installed. The add on heat pump is used to upgrade the heat that is rejected from of an ice rink in order to keep the ice surface intact. The heat is transported towards a swimming pool. The installation of the add on heat pump was made possible because of a collaboration between authorities, Sportiom and GEA Grenco (installer of heat pumps). The heat pump, installed June 2012, enables the use of waste heat from the ice rink by increasing the pressure of the refrigerant in its refrigeration system. As a result more energy is available at the condenser of the refrigeration system which can be used in the heating system of the swimming pool. Read more

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